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Principal Message :-I believe that excellence in education is power-assisted by making a learning atmosphere in that all stakeholders together with students, teachers, folks and community are supported in maximizing their potential and skills. The initial century author Virgil aforesaid, "They are in a position as a result of the suppose they are in a position. " this is often a basic religious doctrine of my philosophy of education. i think in demonstrating care and commitment to educational excellence in a very secure and safe atmosphere. My initial thought is usually what's within the best interest of the scholars. "

My goal is to market educational excellence and continuous faculty improvement. i feel education could be a continuous and engaging journey, not a destination. I attempt to supply the leadership that may modify all stakeholders to appreciate the advantages of the journey.

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    “Excellence comes not from mere words or procedures. It comes from an urge to strive and deliver the best. A mindset that says, when it is good enough, improve it. It is a way of thinking that comes only from a power within.”

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Khatu Shyam College
Director :Mr. Ashok

The institute has been setup with the sole objective of imparting craftsman training to aspiring technicians offering an environment where young minds can grow to their full potential and become disciplined and skilled Technicians. The institutes is striving for reducing unemployment among educated youth as well by equipping them with suitable skills for industrial employment and satisfy the requirements of today’s hi-tech manufacturing and service industrial sectors.



Accreditation is a process of quality assurance and review in which institutions participate; generally on a voluntary basis. Accrediting associations are most often groups of like institutions whose purpose is to establish standards.